Monday, October 10, 2011

these days

nothing interesting.. just wanna share how is my day lately..

its been chaotic and tiring day..

dont go and ask me, 'what's up? best nye defer.. dok rumah x bz..'

or sumthing like 'on9 je? men game je ko kn? tgk vampire diaries?'

na-uh.. kalo agak2 nak kena penampor, tanya ar gitu..

i have to squeeze my time to fit what i like to do..

i'm a human being.. others may enjoy to read.. play sudoku.. drawing.. singing..

i got my own hobby too as well..

its just happen that u say hi to me during my relax time..

so, dont judge me on things i did for my past time.. or what being posted on my wall..

i hate when people judge me..

i stay out from your business so i expect the same in return..


and i've got reasons for me to defer..

which i dont think many of you would consider this choice..


hmm.. i feel tired.. but my mom is more tired than me..

so how could you as a child, just sit back and watch your mom being tired?

how could i stop from helping her..? u tell me..

xsampai hati..

selagi ada daya, i help her with all i might..

sorry to those i neglected since i've been home..

please understand my situation..


ah.. i dont even have time to be in love.. haha..


p/s: my post here doesnt reflect on anybody.. i just think that lately i dont have time for my frens.. and hope you people, my dearies, can understand my situation..

oh.. and please entertain me when you can.. i'll be delighted.. haha

Friday, October 7, 2011

word lesson for today

word for today..

sebab suddenly teringat my late english tuition teacher, mr.chandran.. RIP..

do you know the word 'go-stan' bila kita nak reverse kereta tu berasal dari perkataan omputih?

go astern..

aku tau..

ko tau??