Saturday, February 27, 2010

a piece of my mind n soul

for a fairly decent woman,
when we r searching for partner..
its not his face we r interested in..
its not his car we r attracted with..
but its more towards how he present himself..
{in term of, die kelakar ke.. die btimbang rasa ke. sum1 yg boleh bfikir dgn rasional apa yg tbaik.. }
n how he communicate with other people..
{in term of how he is with others.. is he rude? is he easily say the word LOVE to other woman.. things like that..}

nk ke cr sum1 yg semua org x suka dia..
nk ke cr sum1 yg x mhargai kita? no..
we r looking for sum1 yg decent enuff to live with until the end of our time..

tp, semuanya masih tpulang pd yg Esa..
kalo Dia tak mengizinkan, no matter how good the guy is, takkan jd jugak kan..

Bsangka baiklah pd Allah swt.. bl Dia tidak mengizinkan, adalah sebabnya.. after all, He knows what best for His servant..

p/s: yang penting dlm phubungan llk dan perempuan, elakkan fitnah.. cara utk elakkan fitnah, bataskan lah hubungan kita.. jangan kt mbataskan perhubungan adalah sesuatu yang x modern ok! sempitnya pemikiran org yg bfikir begini.. klo nk modern, modern la.. tp bataskan la.. we can still control it.. pilihan di tangan kita..
supaya maruah kt sebagai seorg Islam akan tjaga.. maruah mak ayah yang mbesar dan mdidik kita juga akan tjaga..
bkn harta yang mereka minta tp mcmane anak2 mereka bjaya dari segi kerjaya and hubungan dengan manusia..

p/s/s: aku serahkan segalanya pd takdir-Nya.. coz my heart belong to Him.. Kalo Dia bukakan hati aku pd sesiapa selepas ini, aku terima.. kerana dengan izin-Nya, aku b'doa dia lah yang terakhir aku akan sayangi..


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday i'll be over u

aku sgt suka lagu allison iraheta ni.. Friday i'll be over you..

n i like a few others.. tp mcm kesian r korg nk tgk sume2 kn.. aku bg yg ni je r..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yo Bro

i'm watching terjah! at tv3..

this journalist interviewed people from Warner Bros.

ok.. when he say Warner Bros., he pronounce it as W-a-r-n-e-r B-r-o-s..

i was like.. 'haha.. klo ayh aku dgr ni, mesti kne gelak..'

coz i prnh kne gelak sb pronounce it the same way mse i umo ENAM tahun ok..

"its Warner Brothers ok!"

if u hear it well, mat salih yg d interbiu tu pon say Warner Brothers tau.. malu je..


p/s: dont hate me for this post.. mesti korg rse mcm bagus je ek.. btw, aku bkn nk mperlekehkan.. tp my intention is to give knowledge to people who dont know..

God plz help me

I pray to God to show me the path..

Is this the steps I have to take?

Will I be the one who break all the promises..

God plz forgive me.. as i have sinned..

N for certain things, i do over reacted..

I'm seeking for ur guidance to protect my heart n soul..


Sunday, February 21, 2010


npe org suka g shopping complex utk mhabeskn cuti mereka?

sepanjang cuti ni, aku rse almost everyday aku lepak shopping complex.. gle bosan!

baik aku men air ke.. tgk bintang ke.. g hutan rekreasi ke.. g zoo ke.. kejar ayam ke.. jln2 pusing melaka dlm kreta ke.. g mkn capati ke.. msk mknn yg special ke.. ha.. aku lg prefer aktiviti sebegini..

korg lak mcmane?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clown? Oh no..

aku takut clown..
aku takut bear besar yg ada org kt dlm tu..

sb aku pernah tgk cite It.. bg budak kecik yg comel di kala itu, mmg r aku takut clown.. pergh.. seram2.. aku xnah suka clown especially klo aku g Royal London Circus.. i pray hard supaya die x approach aku.. haha..
spe x tkut tgk die ni angkat tgn? korg mmg buta hati r.. isk3..

bear besar tu, no reason.. juz takut sb kebesaran yg luar biasa kot.. haha.. x suka2.. rse nk pelempang je org kt dlm tu.. dh elok2 jd manusia, nk gak dok dlm costume yg pns tu..

say no-hugging to this bear.. haha..

tp aku suka bear.. haha.. bg org yg nk bg aku bear, sila stick to ur good intention k.. hakhak..

aku nk bear spt yg di atas ni.. ahax.. so handsome! huggable n lovable.. :P

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Supershow ticket!

this is supershow ticket yg adik aku bg kt aku.. hepi nyer! x sabo nk g concert! hehe..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10th February

its 10th of February.. officially its the day i broke up with him a year ago..

n in two days time, it's a year since i start this blog..

i remember my 1st post is Lily Allen's songs.. F**k You.. haha..

ho-ho-ho.. dont u dare to think bad about it..

its not because of my break up ok.. its juz that the song happen to be the song i like at that time..

haha.. ok.. period.. i dont like to talk about my past coz i'm totally fine right now..

its my future that i'm worried.. haha..

p/s: i'm happy with what i am.. seeing my fren around me having boyfren make me happy for them.. its not a big deal of me not having bf.. when the time's comes, he will show up.. insyaAllah..

p/s/s: did i tell u i dreamt about having a mother-in-law? ts not lovely.. its terrible.. my mother-in-law hate me! haha.. who cares! i want ur son.. not u.. haha.. sukati aku je.. walhal x nmpk pon spe guy yg aku bcakap2 dgn hepi nyer tu.. poyo jek mimpi.. supe xyah msuk dlm mimpi aku.. makcik pon xyah la interprame.. ssh2 je.. sy x knl pon..
i wish i have good in-laws.. klo btul my future in-law acted that way, i'm totally blank.. i dont know what to do.. God, plz help me.. huhu..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My diet program

hey guys..

believe it or not, i gain about 10kilos for last semester.. which means.. i gain 10kilos weight within 6 months..

my diet during that time? the WORST! i ate heavy things such as rice as early as 11.30am and i ate again (still heavy like mcD, rice etc) at 6pm.. i forgot that i dont exercise like i used to do when i was doing my bachelor degree..

this new semester n new year, i have a new year resolution of coz.. and 1 of it that is losing weight..

yela.. my BMI before this show that i'm overweight.. when i gained 10kilos, of coz i have become obese!

so, i've started my diet program coz i wanna lose weight back to normal i have lost about 6kilos..

people may not see it.. but i do see it on scale n i feel it especially my stomach n my back..

what i do is, i started to do some homework..

i hv to find my ideal intake of calories per day..

u can calculate it here if u want Calorie Calculator but before u do that, here is the converter for converting meter to feet..

then, i came a cross a web that give 24-hours trial of diet program.. but i cant remember what website.. sorry.. but what i can tell u is, this website guide me on my aim.. until when i will get the weight that i want.. it draw for me a graph that show, if i aim to lose weight 1kilo per week, then i will achieve weight that i want on july.. (if i stick on dieting program la)

but before i achieve those aim, i have to know how i can lose weight..


1. i cut down my rice intake.. i learn that white rice and white bread is not good for health.. they r called simple carbohydrate which i think is easily turned into energy (if we use it) but it will easily stored as fat (if we not consume it).. hmm.. so.. i totally say no to bread now.. huhu..

2. i stop eating late evening.. i used to do this at bintulu.. but since i'm home after finishing my school, i love to eat late.. it became a habit.. so.. it really hard at first.. with people around u cook things that u like.. plus, its not good to turn people down when they ask u to join them to eat.. hmm.. but alhamdulillah, i manage to control my apetite.. the 1st week is really extremely totally hard.. its mouthwatering when people give u snack.. but now, not anymore.. hehe..

3. i started to read labels for everything i ate.. i stop taking junks coz i found that the fat is shocking! haha.. i became really conscious about things like kcal per 100g or servings.. hmm.. it really helps..

4. i do exercise.. i dont like cardiovaskular training.. its tiring.. haha.. but i do it juz to get sweat.. but usually i started with exercise that flatten my stomach.. haha.. its hard.. u try to lay down on a hard surface.. n lift ur both leg up in the air.. do it 30times.. i like it coz at 1st, this was the 1 that really give pain on my fat belly.. haha.. i do sweat when i do this.. huhu..

5. another type of exercise that can make u lose weight is skipping.. i read it in rapi.. it helps..ooh.. dont eat noodles.. eat kueh teow.. the calori is lesser than noodles..

6. dont scare to eat chicken.. i ate chicken.. coz i've read sumwhere, that protein make u feel fuller.. so, eat any types of protein k as long as it has less fat.. actually.. what i kept in my mind right now is.. i have to give priority to take protein 1st, then fat, and the last 1 will be carb.. i know.. we, malaysian, mcm tbalik je kan.. 1st we must take carb (rice) then protein n fat..

7. dont trust any type of slimming product.. if u notice that.. most of it stil force u to do dieting right.. see me? without that slimming product, i stil can lose weight.. save ur money, enjoy ur food, do exercise.. u will feel satsified.. at least i dont depends on slimming product to lose weight.. n that is an achievement.. ok.. frankly, i do feel i wanna take those product sumtimes.. but i dont like the side-effects.. i wanna live longer but healthy.. i dont wanna live long but sick.. its not my way..

8. i like to eat cakes and chocolate.. but lucky for me, i dont like sweets to much.. since i start my diet, i dont find it as a problem.. myb i already kept in mind that i have to diet n no more this type of things.. furthermore, i prefer dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.. so, clack chocolate is healthier coz its not too sweet.. try it.. some mayb dont like it coz its feel bitter.. but i like it.. i juz feel that bitter things is good for ur health.. (n bitter things in life make u grow stronger right.. hehe)

9. i like to eat fast food.. but my fren supported my diet by taking me away from fast food.. TQ! we need this type of fren when we want to diet.. we dont need fren like 'ala.. mkn ckit je.. xde apa pon'.. but try to think this way.. 'bl aku sakit, ada diebetes ke.. ada HBP ke.. aku yg tanggung.. bukannya people yg ajak aku mkn..' keep that in mind k..

when all this thing works.. n i start to lose weight, i have to stick to this type of diet.. it may vary depends on person i think.. but for me, this up there, WORKED!

p/s: jgn gelakkan aku tau.. but feel proud for me, my dear fren who read this.. i feel proud of my self coz able to achieve this weight lose within 1 month.. i will still keep losing until i feel healthy.. skinny is not so healthy.. to me la.. chubby2 pon ok what.. sedap je kne peluk kn, my dear sis? hehe..

p/s/s: did i mention i lose 6kilos? n its still counting.. hehe.. wish n pray for me k..

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pesanan dari ayahanda terchenta

smlm dlm kreta, mse on the way anto aku n dak aiza balik u masing2, adik aku ckp mcm ni.. he

"Dak syuhada kt along lawo.. Syu ada ramai abg2 sedara yang handsome2, hidung mancung.."

"Boleh2.. handsome2.. mcm shah rukh khan"

Tiba2 ayah aku menyampuk dari depan.. "Kalo tetiba die ilang hidung dia, ko mesti x suka dah kan.."

Ayah smbung lg.. "Kalo ko suka gigi die, nti bl dah tua, semua gigi luruh dah macam ayh, mesti ko xmo dah kan.. cakap pon kluar angin je.." ayah aku gelak lagi kuat.. Sungguh gumbira riang ria dia mengutuk perbualan anak2 dia ini.. haha..

Tiba2 ayah dah start nasihat dia..

"Xyah cari yang handsome2.. x kekal 2 semua.."

"1.. jangan cari penagih dadah ke.. kaki minum.. kaki mabuk"

"Kalau nak jugak, jangan menyesal.. ayah ngn mak tak kan support langsung.. tak kan amik tahu langsung.."

"Cari yang kita tenang bila bersama.."

"Cari yang boleh ke kiri ke tengah.. Means.. dari segi agama pon ok.. dari segi social pon ok.."

Lemah betul aku bila diorg masuk bab2 mencari jodoh ni.. sesungguhnya aku malas nak mencari..

Sape2, tlg cari kan leh? haha


My stuff

remember when i said i'm not so into blue.. but here's a few things that i accidently choose blue.. hmm..

the gso's tali for matrik card, the payung, the hair-conditioner for dandruff.. 3 things that is enuff to color up my handbag with blue.. huhu..

this is what i alwiz carry around lately.. haha.. plus my bio-oil, keys, my soda exchange wallet that i used since matrix, and a few of make up! haha.. mesti x caye..

i think i need a better handbag.. lusuh dh handbag ni.. haha.. aku ni mmg.. suka gune bnda smpai rosak habis2an..


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Journey to see khairina

ok.. td aku g jumpa ank buah aku.. comel sgt khairina!

arini aku mulakn pjalanan aku seawal kul 8.30 pg.. walhal jnji ngn adik aku lbh awl.. haha.. sorry.. tlajak tdo.. fatigue after derma drh x ilang lg.. huhu..

pastu.. aku g ke batu tiga coz my sis afraid to board the train alone..

so, after that we went for shopping for baby stuff at mid valley.. lucky there were sale everywhere.. hehe.. we grab a hamper full with travelling pack of baby talc, lotion, bath n stuff.. then we take a train to seremban..

in seremban, my brother fetch us.. while waiting, we ate prosperity burger n the chicken we bought at mid valley.. haha.. lapo siot.. smpai kn pakcik teksi yg bborak ngn kitorg, kitorg lupa jemput.. dh nk abeh bru ckp 'eh pakcik.. jemput mkn..' pastu sengih je la.. haha..

then, my bro arrive n we bought so many waffle at chembong area.. the waffle is damn nice! so soft n tender even after it gets cold..

i get the chance to hold the baby in my arms! she's so small.. i wanna take pix but well u know.. elders say its not good to take baby pix.. hmm.. so.. no more pix of baby.. but i'll promise i'll uploaded when she grown up a lil bit k.. hehe..

excited adik aku nek tren.. haha..

this is hehe..


Saturday, February 6, 2010

my blood type is O

yesterday journey really make me feel fatigue today.. wuwu..

i came to the office at 8a.m.. coz i wanna meet my lecturer for industrial env mgm.. hmm.. he's not in.. i waited until 8.30 then i decided to give him a msj.. which he replied that he wud not be in for the rest of the day.. so.. from upm, i directly go to the komuter station n ask at the counter how to go to the titiwangsa.. the uncle juz say bndr tasik selatan n he gave me the ticket.. period.. so, i decided juz to redah je instead of asking more.. its juz a station after serdang.. so, at bndr tasik selatan, i asked a guy at a Digi booth and he said i hv to take lrt rapid kl.. so, here goes my journey.. i nvr been to titiwangsa before by train.. wani n i promised to meet there.. on the train i learned that wani boarded the same lrt with me.. haha.. ngokngek tol wani.. n then we go to his boyfrens work place at pusat kesihatan respiratori.. hmm.. then we ate.. n then we lepak at a surau until the clock is about 2.30pm.. we go to pusat darah negara where i decided to donate my blood..

i'm nervous.. let tell u sumthg.. i'm not only nervous to donate my blood but i also nervous to check my blood pressure.. haha.. the machine alwiz make me nervous.. dari dlu smpai skrg.. i never relax.. n it cause me problem.. especially when i wanna donate blood..

blood donation is really strict.. small things like do we take any aspirin or pain killer within a week before is also a question we have to answer.. thank God i'm healthy.. the only problem was, my blood pressure and that machine!

i'm nervous.. i can feel my heart beating so fast.. the nurse even asked me to wait for another 15minutes to ease my nervous.. she told me to read n not to walk.. so i obey her..

after that, i went back in, my blood pressure is still beyond the accepted limit.. hmm.. the she tried for the 2nd time, n the reading is ok la pulak.. then she tried for the 3rd time juz to make sure.. huhu.. tapi naik balik.. huhu.. then she said, cannot la dik.. i have to cancel your application..

i'm so sad.. i watched her writing a date on the form i have filled.. before i watched her sign anythg or write any further.. i asked her.. 'ala kak.. try la check lg skali.. saya btul2 nak derma ni..' i was like begging u know.. coz i really feel down coz my intention is good and i insist for them to take my blood coz i feel i'm healthy enuff to donate..

n she said 'yaAllah budak ni.. baru je td check.. bru je bukak kn..'

i buat je muka sedih.. haha.. she juz do it again.. n the reading is ok..

n she said.. 'sebab niat awak baik, Tuhan tolong ni.. banyak kes where people tak dapat nak derma coz blood pressure.. ada student tu sebab exam.. ada tu sebab workload kat tempat keje.. ada jugak sebab x cukup tdo.. '

n i honestly said to her that i dont get enuff sleep last nite coz i have to finish up my slide.. instead of more than 5 hours sleep required to donate blood, i juz did 4 hours sleep that nite..

n she said, 'lar.. nanti adik derma, jgn ckp tau dengan diorg adik x ckup tdo.. nti akk lak kne marah sebab benarkan..'

so, i'm happily enter the donation room.. hehe..

i'm scared of needles! pakwe wani gelakkan aku sebab muka nmpak cuak gle.. haha..

but then, i feel nothing when they take my blood.. mayb because of the ubat bius kot.. mcm kagum pon ada gak.. haha.. cuma aku lg sgt tkut when they want to pull out the needles coz in my mind, myb my blood will tpancut keluar.. haha.. poyo jek.. but it turn to be alrite.. alhamdulillah..

after donate blood.. we went to times square.. the taxi we ride penipu.. coz the meter bjalan gak even when we stop at the traffic lights.. damn.. typical cekik darah taxi driver.. hmm..

tgk wyg, cite legion n then we went to petaling street.. the feel is like when i do my shopping at hatyai a few years back.. haha.. with the tourist and all the things selling cheap.. but i dont buy anythg.. i have to budget my money usage.. huhu..

then i got back.. at10pm, i stil at the bndr tasik selatan ktm station.. i'm afraid i wud miss the last train.. so many things played on my mind.. how will i get back if i miss the last train? hukhuk..

n my tiredness is unbearable.. i feel sleepy.. i worried i wud collapsed coz there's juz so many people on the train.. i closed my eyes n take a deep breath until i reach serdang..

at serdang i take cab n went back to home sweet home..

i'm exhausted!

but then, i x trus tdo je.. stil.. kul 2am bru aku tdo.. huu..

pg2, kul 8.30 dh de kelas.. waaa.. dlm klas rse mcm nk tdo je lg.. huhu..

n i still feel fatigue today.. huhu.. i juz need sum rest..

p/s: no pix guys.. i dont take pix during blood donation.. sorry..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 point for him!

Arini sy g mines.. g jumpa lengchai lg.. ok2.. stop calling him lengchai.. he got a very decent name..


He's so cute.. i dont know.. he got this charm..

The moment my fren n i enter his shop, he got this bright smile greeting us.. he scored 1 point.. hehe

And then after telling him the spec we r looking for.. he even offered my fren to upgrade the ram.. a 2gig RAM for free.. we decided to survey at other pc shop.. n he said 'ok.. its up to u' still with a smile.. just a simple gesture kn? yet, die x mcm kdai sblum ni.. mcm samseng je.. bl kitorg nk blah, dok tnye2 nk g mne.. hmm.. n he scored 2nd point for this event.. haha..

After a long survey, we decided to go to his shop again coz his offer is the best.. Masa nk msuk kedai 2, i didnt see him.. Oh.. x bestnyer die xde.. Bl kitorg tgk2 laptop 2 lg, ada aunty ni yg lyn kitorg.. tp die x frenly sgt.. huhu.. suddenly, he stood up in front of the counter.. xnmpk die sb td die tgh cari brg kt kabinet bwh.. lps 2 die blari mdapatkn kitorg.. mcm sprinter! n die tnjukkan skill break die dpn kitorg.. comeinye~~ haha.. 3rd point scored here..

Then.. he start to tell us his life story.. urm.. 1st he said he used to work at many places.. juz ask where., he has been there.. n he scored this coz he work hard..

N then he said he have to work for school coz his mom n dad wont allow him to take the course he got.. he use his own pocket money.. so he know how hard to be a student.. not a single cent he take from his parents altho his parents run a business.. he scored another point for his principle.. ahax.. :P

Another point scored when he mention about he study at japan! haha.. apa la aku ni kn.. i'm kinda excited u know.. haha.. dont know.. i juz think that he's handsome, he has a principle he stand for, n he work hard.. in japan!

Then he ask us whether there's other shop offering the same laptop.. and he told us about there's a shop that used to harrass him if he got customer.. aiyo.. die ckp prnh gak die btumbuk for a matter of RM20 differences.. tokey die tnye nk report polis x, n he juz let it go.. so good~ he scored!

N then i simply said, 'ala.. u cakap je la sebab u lagi hensem dari die.. sb 2 la dpt customer.. haha' n then he shyly said.. 'bkn la.. sb ini persaingan kan.. ' waaa~~ merendah dr tu.. he scored again! hehe..

The 10th point he scored coz he's cute.. haha.. he wears spec.. he's frenly and he's good.. ckup dh 10 kn..

Even my fren pon ckp spe x suka llk yg hensem, baik pulak 2.. ahaha..

p/s: lme nyer x wat prangai mcm ni.. haha..


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ank buah

aku bkl mjadi mak ngah! kali ni bkn ank cousin or sedara..

ank abg aku.. ye.. ank abg aku..

bdebarnya bl dpt tau my sis-in-law dh msuk labour room.. huhu..

Permudahkanlah semuanya yaAllah..


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

With Love


a fren of mine brought this story's up juz now..

n suddenly all the excited feeling comes rushing in my vein.. cewah..

spe prnh tgk WITH LOVE? Yutaka Takenouchi blakon? yg heroin aku x tau nama apa.. haha..

aku sgt suka cite ni!

musician.. slh anto music ke seorg girl biasa.. n the girl politely reply his email to informed him..

mula2 musician ni x lyn pon.. tp ada 1 bnda yg mnyebabkn die ttarik nk knl girl 2.. sb girl 2 gune teruterubozu d akhir email die.. i think he kinda missing his gf (rina) who left his band a few years back.. the girl left a teruterubozu with 'so long' written on the white cloth of the teruterubozu..

ok2.. enuff with his past..

yutaka in this jdrama named hasegawa takashi.. n its nickname in the email is hata.. actually he often met murakami amane (if i'm not mistaken the girl name) bcoz the bank where the girl work for is on the ground floor of the building Mr.Hata worked in..

but both nvr really reveal the truth thru cyber.. hata said he is a piano teacher in a village.. while amane who really want to go to paris said she is in paris..

i like this part where a guy who really like amane asked her to be his wife.. but her frens said she got a bf.. n he wants to meet him.. her frens brought hata to help her out.. i like this kind of guy actually.. he's cold n handsome.. haha.. ok2.. keep on reading.. hehe..

when he meet him, this guy asked hata's permission to be fren n be serious with his gf.. hata with his cold hearted expression said, "owh.. go ahead"

this guy is really excited when hata said that..

n amane suddenly stand up for herself coz she didnt want to be fren with that guy..

n hata stand by her side n suddenly KISS her!

OMG! he give jaw-dropped to ever1 there..
n he simply said "sorry.. we had a fight earlier on"

n he pulled her hands n get out from the restaurant..

outside.. she slapped him.. haha.. i wont if he do that to me :P

gatai nya aku ni.. coz he's hot! selain dari dean la.. ada charisma u know.. hehe..

he's way better than edward in twilight!

this is the part that i like.. haha.. tgk kt kurg lbh minit ke -3 d timeline 2.. n keep on watching until hata kne tmpr ye.. haha.. cian die..

n there is this part where hata play piano.. the music he accidently send to amane on her wedding day.. n amane is really shocked.. she chased him with her gown.. n when he ask hasegawa whether he is hata, he said no.. n walk away.. coz he didnt want to ruin her big day.. well.. if she get married with the guy, she will b able to go to paris (her utmost desire)..

this is the vid during the wedding reception.. tgk2.. aku pon x stream abeh lg.. haha..

but then, in the end, they still end up togather.. hehe.. i like the story line very much..

altho there r a few boring parts.. hehe..

till then..


Monday, February 1, 2010

Awk nmpk biru la..

i never like blue.. i know i dont like blue when i have to fill in the column for "my fav color"..

u know.. during our elementary school we used to write stuff like "My personal detail" or "my biodata" or whatever thing yang almost the same la kan..

everybody.. i mean ALMOST all of my fren will write down "BLUE".. i was like, hmm.. so common la this color.. i want to b diff from anybody else..

no blue for elementary school..

then, i prefer color which is at that time, we r approaching millenium, silver is of coz in trend..

but i dont really like silver..

n thank God our uniform is uniform.. haha.. i dont hv to think about what color that fit me best.. plus.. the kain (which is blue) is on the lower part.. so the blue color doesnt bother me much..

whereas my choice of bags is alwiz Bozaki.. n they r alwiz yellow black.. i dont like yellow.. but i think the color suit my feelings s i was not a girlish person at that time.. haha..

again.. no blue in secondary school..

actually i dont really hv a fav color until i was in matrix.. haha.. i discover that i like green.. its not dark green.. its bright green.. the color is refreshing! but sumtimes i do like army-green..

still.. no blue in matrix..

then, when i'm in U, i like pink.. so.. green n pink hv been my fav since then.. i prefer that type of color when i hv to choose sumthg.. but when i hv to choose either, i prefer pink.. haha..

so girlish!

still.. no sign of blue.. hehe..

but then, i was in a relationship with sum1 who totally-really-like blue..

i start to look at blue.. with sympathy.. npe la aku x suka ko? haha.. blue nvr give me strength.. but i try to like blue! n i tolerated with blue i tell u.. i finally hv a decent blue baju kurung.. 2 pon wani nyer.. aku beli dr dia.. sb i never do have blue baju kurung.. n its kinda prob for me when we hv to do presentation with blue-colored theme.. but then, after ada bju wani 2, ok la kn..2 pon its not totally blue.. ada greenish ckit r.. haha..

n then.. i broke up.. n i think, bubye blue..

n today, i juz asked my sis about SuJu theme color.. for the concert i'll b attending of coz!

guess what??

its BLUE!!


kne la cari baju+tudung which is blue in color.. kang ttb pkai red kang, org tnye lak "akk salah concert ke.." wat malu org kampung je.. huhu..

so.. better start looking for blue..

duit lg tuh.. *sigh*

blue blue blue

p/s: this is not me.. lawo sgt.. bkn girl ni yg aku nk tnjuk.. ekceli i wanna show u.. i like this type of blue.. is it blue? i think its turqoise.. hahaha..