Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tanjung Batu BBQ (grand finale)

arini aku n kwn2 kos aku ade bbq kt tanjung batu.. best gle! myb this is the last time we wud spent time together there..

mse byk d habis kn dgn bbq.. karaKO.. mkn2.. bgambo.. regu..

aku tringin la plak nk blajo men gitar.. jeles tol tgk org2 yg tau men gitar ni.. rock legend dh lvl 50 dh s a guitarist tp d alam reality, tgn bangku! xptt2.. hehe..

hmm.. 1 of my closest fren, x dtg lak ke bbq.. feel a lil' bit empty without her.. tp xpe la.. yg penting kt enjoy!

Heroin of my life..

again.. i'm tired.. dunno what i do until i feel this sleepy.. hmm..

when i was sitting alone, i was thinking abt survival in this cruel world..

what i can see in this world is.. s long s we have the energy and the courage and we have the faith to Allah swt, God willing we'll survive.. and not to forget, with supports from the love ones..

n i'm really thankful to God that i had survive until this age..

frankly, i really luv my mom.. she's been my biggest supporter.. i donno what i'll do without her.. she give me her courage, energy and her belief.. her advice is always the best.. tho sumtimes i dont listen to what she said, i know that actually its for my own good.. sorry mom..

when i'm with my mom, i dont think i need any1 else.. thx mom for everythg..

hehe.. mother's day ke arini? bkn.. i juz wanna say thx.. we dont need a special event to thx our mom rite..? :)

p/s: remind me again, y do i need to find a boyfren if i already have all of the above?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How is it? Girlish huh?

hmm.. alas! i'm satisfied.. altho not totally s i dont really like the girl+boy up there plus there is no border in between the post.. but a fren of mine says the design is nice..

hence, i say to meself, y dont i give it a try.. ever since in my life, i alwiz put a pic of a girl/boy alone.. with a sad face..or.. under umbrella.. or.. in a rainy day.. n its juz not balance and look gloomy (emo!).. this time, its-so-damn-girlish! haha

my clique mesti ckp 'girlish siot blog ko' haha.. hey girls, i dh ready dh nk dgr komen tu.. hakhak..

ok la.. salam..

testing 1 2 3

hello.. juz testing my new template..
how was it? is it nice? hmm.. stil not satisfy yet.. haha..